Saturday, March 04, 2006

Squatting Rights

If you pull out the camera, BLT goes into a squat. I have no idea where he came up with the idea that to pose, you must squat, but here is the proof. All from our trip to Monterey. We have just returned from a couple of days down there.

Feeding a toddler when dining out is always interested. It's hard to predict what he will eat.
Thursday lunch I ordered him a fruit cup. He ate it all and ate half of my artichoke ravioli (which accompanied my very tasty chicken breast over pickled red onion and sauteed spinach).
Thursday dinner, he ate none of my mahi mahi and scallops over cous-cous, only a few bites of bread. He was pretty patient, but got frustrated as we were finishing up and as I glanced apologetically at the romantic couple at the next table, it turned out I knew the guy, so I think it was okay.
Friday breakfast, we were able to get him his favorite plain yogurt and I brought his Kashi people along to dip.
Friday lunch was quite sucessful with a kid's meal from the aquarium - PBnJ, fruit cup and milk in a souvenir cup. The PBnJ came on three slices for some reason, so I took out the middle for him. He has a big mouth, but not that big!
Friday dinner, he surprised me by loving the calamari dipped in remoulade. This was more like calamari steak sections rather than rings, but still deep fried. I ordered a polenta and sauteed mushrooms small plate for him and it went over pretty well. Then he had a total meltdown and I abandoned my dinner to take him to the car. Oh well. It just didn't work out.
Today at breakfast he was able to get some plain yogurt again with Kashis. (This is what he eats every morning.)
We stopped at Bubba Gump's for lunch and he ate almost 3 (!) whole "Hush Pups," which are hush puppies with shrimp, mahi-mahi and corn mixed in. Oh, dipped in remoulade again. He did have a small meltdown when I wouldn't let him have any of my beer, but recovered when his water showed up in a souvenir cup.
For snacks, he had bananas and satsumas and some crackers all brought from home, 1 banana and 1 satsuma per day.

All in all, a pretty successful run of eating out! Food wise, anyways. I'm still recovering from the trauma of dinner last night. We should have let the concerige know that her idea of "child friendly" may need to be revised seeing as the restaurant only had 1 high chair and we had two babies. BLT got a booster and our table was just WAY too small for a kid who likes to grab everything. That would be out kid. The other kid was perfectly happy to read her books. Oh well. At lunch the day before, another mother had to take her food to go with her toddler while the dad stayed behind to finish up. She told her daughter to "look at that kid [BLT] sitting so nicely in his high chair." I told her we had only been there 30 seconds, so she couldn't really tell anything. But that meal he sat in his high chair for a nice leisurely lunch just the two of us. Win some, lose some!

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Chris said...

Such a cute squatter. The posing thing comes from his mom, I believe. :)
I also am impressed with his eating-out abilities. JT mostly just nibbles on little bits we feed him from our plates. I am pretty sure that were we to order him something, we would just end up eating it ourselves.