Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sisterpalloza 2011

A certain sister had a big birthday this past weekend. To celebrate, we all met up in Denver, since it is pretty central. It was very fun! Of course, as all Augsburger family member know, one of the most fun parts of a get together is trying to take group photos. Some of these were taken by a passerby and some by timer. You can guess which ones are which.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Mega October Post

It's been over a month since our last post. We have been quite busy and at times overwhelmed. I'll try to catch up with the going ons in the last month in this one post.

We had a block party early in the month. Our regular organizer moved away, so it was a committee effort to put it together. The kids loved having a bouncy house in front of our house.

In early October, LT's school held its annual Walkathon fund raising event. Big thank you to everyone who made a contribution. LT earned a total of 22 miles, 17 miles walked, and 5 mile credit for leaving for a soccer game during the day. DT signed up as a junior walker, but did just one and a half laps (1/2 mile), and took the rest of the day off.

As we approached pumpkin season, we found time to visit our regular pumpkin patch. No everyone was in a festive mood. Maybe it was the hot day. Maybe we've gone to the same farm too many times. I don't know. We rode the hay ride, shot some mini pumpkins bazookas, got our pumpkins and left, leaving one cow train ticket unused.

LT had a special soccer practice last weekend. One of the kids on the team invited the team to his grandparents' winery for a practice/picnic. It was very beautiful and an almost surreal setting for a soccer practice.

Come Halloween, we all had a costume this year. S and T dressed as a bavarian couple for a Halloween party. LT was too cool to dress up, so he reused his ninja costume from last year. DT was the red Power Ranger Samurai, which complemented the ninja pretty well.

Oh, and remember that big project we were gearing up for in August. Well, after some delays and setbacks, we are under way. That will be for another post on another day, but here's a snapshot of the early progress.