Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks

It was finally time to crank the cuckoo clock back up. It's was off for almost 1-1/2 years now waiting for LT to be able to resist the urge to pull the chains every 2 seconds. 2 seemed old enough and it is! LT LOVES the cuckoo clock. See for yourself.

(So apprently do Mom & Grandma.)

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Whoa. It's been weeks since I updated! This last week and a half have been a bit crazy. Fun! But tiring. So tiring that LT even said in the car tonight that "I tired" and it was only 7PM! He went to sleep at 7:45 - he hasn't gone to sleep that early in a while!

We had lots of visitors. Cousin JT, Uncle S, and Auntie C came in the first wave, followed by "Grandma, Grandma, Grandpa" T in the second wave. Really, there's just one Grandma, but LT likes to call grandparents by that name.

LT was soooooo excited to have Cousin JT visit. Somehow 1 toddler + 1 toddler = mass chaos. Toys were flying, bedtimes & naptimes were passed by, and lots of fun was had.

Hello! Welcome to our hen house!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monarch Season!

Look closely... what do you see?

It's butterfly season! Lots of Monarch migrate down to this area during the winter to Santa Cruz, Monteray, and even this mall parking lot in Freemont (!). We took a trip down to Santa Cruz this weekend to a Butterfly garden. There were a lot of butterflies!

LT and I voted today. We had a very funny conversation on the way over there.
Mommy: LT, do you want to go vote?
LT: Yeah, Ride the boat at the beach.
Mommy: No, not boat with a "b," vote with a "v," vvvuh
LT: I want boat with a "b"

LT even managed to sneak in a vote for an American Independant party candidate for State Treasurer. I let him have his vote. :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Last weekend

Last Saturday we went to a party at a vineyard out in Livermore. There was even a whole pig cooked in a pit underground! Very exciting. LT had lots of fun running around and dancing with the other kids. You can see he really got down.

I'm a little behind - still on last week. Poor LT has a fever now and is resting.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It's official: LT loves Halloween!

He loved everything. Dressing up, face painting, knocking on the door, saying trick-or-treat, saying thank you, getting candy, getting candy, getting candy...

He had a party at daycare and then we went to one at BLT Sr's work before coming home for the grand finale. I was asking him what he wanted for dinner on the way home in the car. This is the conversation:

Me: LT, do you want zuchinni pancakes for dinner?
LT: No, chocolate!
Me: How about beans & rice?
LT: No, chocolate!
Me: A veggie burger?
LT: No, chocolate! I like chocolate.

He ate a few bites of a scone when we got home, but once the doorbell starting ringing, he was ready to go! Off we went!

He practiced saying trick-or-treat ... pause ... thank you all the way up to the door. He usually froze up with the trick-or-treat once the door was opened. I think the problem was that the neighbors were answering with giant candy basket in hand. How can you remember to say trick-or-treat when you are getting your bag ready? LT liked to take the candy himself and then carefully place it in his pumpkin bag. And then go back for another ... He did really well with saying "thank you" though! By the last couple houses, he was able to get out a trick-or-treat. We went to about 8 of the neighbors and then he was "All done trick-or-treat." We made our way over to his friend M's house, but he didn't want to TOT there - just play with all of her toys. We stopped at one final house on the way back (the "pumpkin house" with all kinds of outdoor decorations) and they had a very nice treat of animal crackers for the wee set.

Back at home, BLT Sr. held down the fort and handed out all our treats by 8pm. I guess I'll pick up a few more for next year. We had 109 full-size bars and a few people got two, but we still probably had at least a hundred TOTers before we turned out the light. We got three more groups of bell-ringers after that, but they got turned away empty handed.

LT really loved Halloween and we all had a great (& tiring) time. Today he asked Daddy to go get his panda suit and pumpkin bag to take along to daycare ...