Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monarch Season!

Look closely... what do you see?

It's butterfly season! Lots of Monarch migrate down to this area during the winter to Santa Cruz, Monteray, and even this mall parking lot in Freemont (!). We took a trip down to Santa Cruz this weekend to a Butterfly garden. There were a lot of butterflies!

LT and I voted today. We had a very funny conversation on the way over there.
Mommy: LT, do you want to go vote?
LT: Yeah, Ride the boat at the beach.
Mommy: No, not boat with a "b," vote with a "v," vvvuh
LT: I want boat with a "b"

LT even managed to sneak in a vote for an American Independant party candidate for State Treasurer. I let him have his vote. :)


Chris said...

Do the monarchs stay there or head down to Mexico?
The pumpkin lasagne was good - I forgot a layer of pasta and then realized I had forgotten the second half of the pumpkin, so I lifted off the top and squeezed some extra pumpkin in.
It was quite tasty. I used some proscuitto and less cheese than called for, less white sauce, and the pan was small, so basically the whole thing was scaled down.
Thanks for the good recipe! (The pumpkin would have just been recycled into the garden otherwise.)

Anonymous said...

okay, I thought the eucalyptus has a blooming vine--pretty neat flutterbies! momsie

adriana said...

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