Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day Of School

Well, it's hard to believe, but today was LT's first day of third grade. He's in a combo class again, this year a 3/4. He is the only one from his class last year in this year's class. Hopefully, he will make some new friends! The summer flew by with a lack of blog posts. Rest assured, we were quite busy. So busy, we hardly took any pictures! I just now downloaded what we had and there was actually more than I thought, so heres a brief recap. We had a fun trip to Disneyland with Grandma & Grandpa and Cousin JT. I think everyone had a great, if tiring, time! We were having so much fun we only took a few pictures.
When we got back, we had a party to celebrate our 35th birthdays. I mean, it only happens once! We had our favorite food truck pull up to the driveway.
And a singer in the back yard
We managed to show Grandma a few sights also. The traditional strawberry picking and tossing kids photos
And a very chilly trip to the beach!
Grandma even did a little exploring
LT went to overnight camp! He went to a mini camp, just 3 nights away, in this beautiful YMCA camp in the Santa Cruz mountains. He had a fabulous time and didn't miss us at all. Next year, he may do the 2 week camp!
On his bunk with his cabinmate from home
1st Day of Jr K Summer Camp for DT! Waiting for the bus like a big kid. Well, except he won't take a bus as a big kid...
We also did a bunch of time at the pool and went on a weekend camping trip, along with visits to Monterey, Santa Cruz, Oakland Zoo and more. Plus, an overnight in Napa for our anniversary! TT has been mountain biking and I have been doing my boot camp and master's swim along with some running. We've just been having a lot of fun, and been very busy. Now it's time to settle down and get back in the school routine!