Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Day

LT could hardly have been more excited than he was for "Easter Day." He wanted an egg hunt so bad! So we had one ...

Do you see any eggs hiding here?

It was very sucessful. The eggs had some chocolates and then stretchy dinos and dino tattoos.

After the big hunt, LT helped me put together baby's chair while BLTSr put together the crib. It's not just a baby chair, it's also a kid chair!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

'Crosse Game

We went to our 2nd professional lacrosse game today. What? You're shocked that San Jose has a professional lacrosse game? Oh wait, we were, too.

Not only do we have a team! They have banners for all the players hanging up downtown:

Here's the Stealth super fans!

I asked BLT Sr to take some action shots ... um this wasn't exactly what I was thinking of:

This is what I would call a BAD EXAMPLE. Fortunately, LT remembered later on that after the fighting, they got a time out on the bench. This is when we have to hold up our signs...

Finally some real action!

It was a very exciting game. We won with a goal with 4sec left to play!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Is it summer yet?

I know we haven't posted in awhile, therefore losing even our most loyal blog readers. But you can't do something fun or picture worthy every day, can you??

Last weekend we pretended it was summer and pumped up the sprinkler ball. I'm not sure it was really quite warm enough, but it was nice and sunny. It was fun. Too bad that night, LT came down with a high fever and sickness that lasted almost 3 days. Guess it wasn't really summer yet? Really, I think he picked it up at the indoor playground where his daycare has been meeting for the last two weeks due to a serious plumbing problem at the house. I like to refer to the playground as "hotbed of sickness." Poor LT hadn't been sick in over a year, probably.

Finally he was feeling better and Wednesday evening we were listening to some cds in his room when the alphabet song came on. I started writing down the letters as they were saying them and then he erased them and took his turn. I was pretty impressed! This is with no help - I did try and tell him the line when on the other side for the d, but he emphatically told me that "no it doesn't." Daddy came home right after "E," so who knows if this was the end or if he could have kept going?? He's a bit of a perfectionist, so he gets frustrated if he doesn't know how to do something and then just stops trying. Hopefully, he'll grow out of that some.