Saturday, March 22, 2008

'Crosse Game

We went to our 2nd professional lacrosse game today. What? You're shocked that San Jose has a professional lacrosse game? Oh wait, we were, too.

Not only do we have a team! They have banners for all the players hanging up downtown:

Here's the Stealth super fans!

I asked BLT Sr to take some action shots ... um this wasn't exactly what I was thinking of:

This is what I would call a BAD EXAMPLE. Fortunately, LT remembered later on that after the fighting, they got a time out on the bench. This is when we have to hold up our signs...

Finally some real action!

It was a very exciting game. We won with a goal with 4sec left to play!


Anonymous said...

Interesting game--similar but more gear than auntie c's soccer! How soon would you like to return?
See you in a couple weeks,

just jenn said...

i was thinking it looks more like hockey without the ice. how did LT like the good action?

Steph said...

According to the program, the astroturf is actually just laid down over the ice. They play in the same place as our NHL team and I think they just use the same boards and everything.

LT liked it - he even used the "Get in the Box" sign today when I started putting a puzzle back in the box. :D