Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy New Year!

Yesterday was New Year's Day. BLT dressed up to celebrate and we went up to SF Chinatown and ran our first 5k. We finished in a respectable just under 30min time. It's a bit of a challenge with the stroller - you have to start in the back and then weave your way through the walkers. BLT did very well for his first race! He had a melt-down just before the start, so I took him out to comfort him and was just buckling him back in when the race started. Once we were moving, everything was just fine. Once we were done he polished off my 1/2 banana and "sqeezer" yogurt that you got for finishing... hey! I was the one running! Daddy did not share his.

BLT is now 3 years old by the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Dog is his 3rd year! He was born in the Year of the Monkey and last year was Year of the Rooster (IIRC).

He had an offical weigh-in Friday at his 15mo dr's appointment (on his 16mo birthday).
24lbs, 25-50%
33-1/2", 75%

He had two shots and didn't cry AT ALL! I had to check and see if they had really given him the shots. He was a busy bee and didn't stop roming the room during the checkup. He was gallavanting around in just a diaper and sneakers. It turns out he has ezcema, so he is now being slathered in Aquaphor multiple times a day instead of getting lotioned up just after his bath. It already looks much better! Poor thing was scratching his upper back and torso at night and gouging himself with his nails. I'm happy to report that it is almost cleared up all together.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sleeping Beauties

Here we are sleeping peacefully. Poor BLT is waking up about an hour or so after he goes to bed with painful crying and is hard to soothe. I'm pretty sure that we will be seeing some new teeth soon, either the two bottom eye teeth (to match the top ones he's had for a while) or maybe even some new molars in the back.

BLT is quite the helper these days. I noticed last week that all the kids help pick up the toys at daycare and seem pretty excited about it, so we started "clean up time" at home. Before we go up for "bath time" (this is before "brushing time" and then "night time" - we have a lot of "times!"), we pick up all the toys and put them away. He really enjoys it! He puts the balls in the basket, the toys in the toy box and so on. Not only does he pick up toys, he takes his dirty clothes from in the bathroom and takes them into his room and puts them in his laundry basket. He was so into it today that he took a pair off my jeans of the floor in our room and put them in his basket! What a sweetie pie!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Camera phone picture alert!

It seem BLT has quite a fondness for fried wonton wrappers dipped in sweet & sour sauce.

Yesterday, his daycare teacher asked if we were going to have another one. What?!?! "Because he is such a good kid," she said. Just what a mom wants to hear! Of course, that says to me that we'd better stick with one because we might not be so lucky next time!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

New shoes

BLT is modeling his stylish new sneakers. New Balance, size 6 WIDE. He is very pleased with his "chews."

This picture is from the Children's Discovery Museum. We went there yesterday since it was rainy. So did every other family. It was packed. Luckily, we went right when it opened and BLT was able to get a smock for the water play area. He really enjoyed that! He spent a good while relocating balls from one side of the water feature to the other. He then moved on to filling a coffee pot over and over again, wrong side up. Even with the smock, he still got quite wet. (You can see the small dry spots on his jeans in the picture!) We were considering a membership, but it was just too crowded. Maybe we'll try again.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


When BLT was born we took picture after picture - hundreds, thousands even over the first year. Since Christmas, we've only taken a handful. I decided to start capturing more starting this week, but there was a slight problem. As soon as I start snapping a picture, BLT charges the camera. He wants to push every button, touch the lens, look through the viewfinder...

Tonight I gave him our film camera to examine, hoping this would allow me to get some good shots. He didn't look up once! I still think I got a few good ones!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This is BLT. Age 15-1/2 months.
Approx 32 inches tall and 25 pounds.
Lover of both "crack-ahs" and "coo-kies."
Current favorite toy: Robo Pet, aka "Daw-gie," already suffering from a limp

Our baby.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cute Things My Baby Does, Part 1

I need a spot to gush about my baby. Because he is the cutest, smartest, well, everything baby. Although, he's not really a baby anymore.

Last night I put him in the bath and got out his new banana shampoo and body wash recently purchased at the B&BW big sale. I shampooed his hair and then put a little body wash on a "pouf" and gave him a little scrub. He loved it! He kept requesting the body wash over and over and scrubbing himself with the pouf. Thank goodness the bottle was a bit hard to operate or we would be out of body wash already! I finally was able to distract him with his Elmo bath book. He had scrubbed so much, he was a bit red on his chest.