Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sleeping Beauties

Here we are sleeping peacefully. Poor BLT is waking up about an hour or so after he goes to bed with painful crying and is hard to soothe. I'm pretty sure that we will be seeing some new teeth soon, either the two bottom eye teeth (to match the top ones he's had for a while) or maybe even some new molars in the back.

BLT is quite the helper these days. I noticed last week that all the kids help pick up the toys at daycare and seem pretty excited about it, so we started "clean up time" at home. Before we go up for "bath time" (this is before "brushing time" and then "night time" - we have a lot of "times!"), we pick up all the toys and put them away. He really enjoys it! He puts the balls in the basket, the toys in the toy box and so on. Not only does he pick up toys, he takes his dirty clothes from in the bathroom and takes them into his room and puts them in his laundry basket. He was so into it today that he took a pair off my jeans of the floor in our room and put them in his basket! What a sweetie pie!

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