Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New home pictures

After an intense two week home search and one failed bid on a beautiful eichler (I still like it), we found a lovely remodeled bungalow (60 years new) in a nice quiet neighborhood within a block of two parks. We're in contract and should be moving in about a month.

Not new home

We found a house, but first, a house we did not buy.

In the second picture, that same pattern is on the wall, on the roller shade, AND on the ceiling!

Monday, June 18, 2007

7 seconds

I had this video of LT "driving crazy" that I wanted to post, but somehow I only uploaded 7 seconds. It's still fun.

Crazy Driver!

Haven't had much time to post recently because we've decided to move! We've been running around like crazy getting the house ready to sell.

LT has put in his list for the new house:

Basketball goal
Soccer goal like JT's that says "GOAL" when you score

And so on...

I've been moving stuff into the garage so today he added his basketball, soccerball and bike into the pile to be sure we didn't forget it. :D

Wish us luck!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Toddler Topgun

We made a brief visit to San Diego this weekend and had a very nice time. Today LT and I were very tired since we got up at 5am to catch our return flight. LT was so tired that he was asking to take a nap at 9:30 AM. I told him that Miss Karen would surely let him take a nap, so the first thing he said when she opened the door was "Please take a nap." Miss Karen looked a little confused and asked "Now?" So I gave her the low down.

Our toddler topgunners were aboard the USS Midway. It turned out that visiting an aircraft carrier is actually really interesting! Who knew! We stayed 2-1/2 hours and I could have easily stayed more. Seabee LT was frightened by the "scary" cardboard cutouts of the Navy officers. hahahah