Monday, June 18, 2007

7 seconds

I had this video of LT "driving crazy" that I wanted to post, but somehow I only uploaded 7 seconds. It's still fun.

Crazy Driver!

Haven't had much time to post recently because we've decided to move! We've been running around like crazy getting the house ready to sell.

LT has put in his list for the new house:

Basketball goal
Soccer goal like JT's that says "GOAL" when you score

And so on...

I've been moving stuff into the garage so today he added his basketball, soccerball and bike into the pile to be sure we didn't forget it. :D

Wish us luck!


just jenn said...

i know some people drive with no hands, but i suspect it's much easier to steer with your knees when you aren't using them to provide the locomotion as well. crazy driver, indeed, but so happy. :)

Chris said...

i will add "orange tree" to the house wish tree, just because it is nice to have your own fresh-squeezed juice!
happy hunting!
and who taught LT that trick? :)

Chris said...

Shoot! I forgot to tell you happy birthday! We were so busy getting out of the country, that I didn't get your present mailed, so you and M will have presents at the wedding. Sorry about that! And this was the big 40, oops, I mean 30. :) Hope you did something fun to celebrate!