Sunday, February 24, 2013


This weekend we made an attempt to be SnowPeople. We left very early yesterday morning to drive up to Kirkwood ski resort. It looked like we were going to be there in plenty of time when we ran into some ice. We stopped, put chains on, got going again... then there was no more ice, so we dechained and got their barely in time for the kids to get dropped off for ski school. LT signed up for skiing and DT signed up for snowboarding. We got them all checked in and then they take it from there from 10 AM until 3:30 in the afternoon. TT and I were late then for our lesson and had to miss it, so we were on our own for snowboarding. It took some courage, but we went off and were somewhat successful. (On the bunny slope anyways.) We checked in with the kids and they seemed to be doing just fine, too. LT's coach even took him up in the chair lift! I was proud of the kids for being so brave. Our friends were nice enough to have us over at their mountain place and we enjoyed our stay. I think we might just be back again soon... The little snowboarder
On the magic carpet

My best moves

LT in ski school

Playing in the snow this morning!

All the kids together... I think LT was a bit cold by this point!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Just had a lovely day in Monterey/Pacific Grove.
Here are this year's valentines. Dinosaurs for D and Mad Libs again for LT.