Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grandma's Visit Recap

Oh dear, I am falling behind here. Grandma has been gone for a week already and I haven't put up any more pictures. In the meantime, I turned 33, there was Father's Day, we had a Supper Club, friends visiting from out of town, a "Club DT" dance party, Happy Hollow and more ... no wonder there is no time!

Let's see, after picking Grandma up from the airport, we whisked her over to FairyLand in Oakland. It was interesting, for sure. It was a lot like the older version of Happy Hollow.
Can you spot LT?

And then they both went up in the Ferris wheel. Quite a surprise!

The next day we hung around home and went to the library and then Happy Hollow...
Isn't this a nice shot of the boys and Gma?

Thursday & Friday, we drove to Reedley and had a really nice visit.
The boys LOVED walking the dogs.
LT and Bella

DT and Bella

LT and Billy

Just yesterday, DT saw a dog that looked like Bella and thought it was her!

LT & Auntie J also put on a Fairy Show (I think?) and the Reedley band shell

Saturday, Gma was nice enough to take the boys to a birthday party and then stay with them overnight while we went down to Monterey. Everyone joined us Sunday and we visited the aquarium.

Can you spot our family?

On the last day, DT, Gma and I went strawberry picking and out to lunch in Santa Cruz. And then to a not small fabric store.

DT practiced taking pictures!

We were sad to see Grandma go. On the way to dinner tonight, DT said, "Miss, Grandma." I think they would like her to visit all the time!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3 Stooges

Grandma/Mom came and visited and has gone. Now I need to pick out the best picture to sum it up. In the meantime, we have these...

the Martha Washington

the Cousin It

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Good night

We're trying something new tonight ...

We'll see how long it lasts! Maybe the whole night, maybe not.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I have fallen behind on my updates! Not last weekend, but the one before that, DT and I headed cross country to celebrate Jenn's graduation and surprise Mom for her 60th birthday. It was lots of fun. I actually didn't take that many pictures since there were so many cameras there already.

One big hit was the Air & Space Musuem out by Dulles airport. DT loved this! I must admit, I did too. It was very cool. I think that's where I took all my pictures.

Me & my Cuz

With the Grandparents! Yeah!

This is awesome!

Even better when I'm showing something to my cousin!

I never realized how hard it was to get a child and a space shuttle into one picture