Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I have fallen behind on my updates! Not last weekend, but the one before that, DT and I headed cross country to celebrate Jenn's graduation and surprise Mom for her 60th birthday. It was lots of fun. I actually didn't take that many pictures since there were so many cameras there already.

One big hit was the Air & Space Musuem out by Dulles airport. DT loved this! I must admit, I did too. It was very cool. I think that's where I took all my pictures.

Me & my Cuz

With the Grandparents! Yeah!

This is awesome!

Even better when I'm showing something to my cousin!

I never realized how hard it was to get a child and a space shuttle into one picture


just jenn said...

good pics - maybe next time, i will make it to the air & space annex @ dulles, too. i'd like to see it, but was very happy to see you & damon. dinner July 30th on your coast?

Chris said...

it was so sweet when dt called jt over to show him things. we sure had fun seeing you!