Friday, August 26, 2011

Odds & Ends

Just a few tidbits from the last couple weeks...

Tomatoes Gone Wild
We only planted 2 cherry tomato plants, for the record. We got a bonus and they just went gangbusters while we were on vacation. It hasn't been hot enough for most of the fruits to ripen.

School has only been in session 2 weeks, but that was still enough for some fun work to come home. Check out number 4 at the bottom of this one. An honest guy!

Here you can learn about LT's favorites.

We got a new toy. It's like iPad for those on a budget. (Aka, Nook color reconfigured as an Android tablet.) Now we can play Angry Birds and watch Power Rnagers on the big(er) screen. DT calls it the "big phone."

We've also been gearing up for a big project. Here is a little hint.


Anonymous said...

The boys are looking good, and it's fun to see these little bits of living at your house!
Think you'll get some sun on the tomatoes? I have 10, yes 10, green ones hardly bigger than a pea. And that will be a grand project!
love, momsie/gma

Anonymous said...

It is a weird tomato season. My plants just started setting on fruit a few weeks ago and I am wondering if they will be ripe before frost.
I liked Lucas' evaluation. x's for no I am not and a check mark for the real answer??? Well thought out!
Love, GmaH/Gma

just jenn said...

ok, what is the project?! sounds like you all are busy, busy as usual. i think i'd like to play angry birds on the big phone, too. what can i do with a kindle?

Anonymous said...

You can't do much more with a kindle, but nookcolors are cheap right now, and you can use Kindle app on it too.


Trina said...

Back splash?

Chris said...

must be the bathroom? i want to do subway tile in our day!
our tomatoes are actually all done (strange that yours haven't ripened yet - maybe they get less direct sun there?) such a great pic of the boys - maybe i need a big phone, too!

Power Supply said...

Splendid work. Your writing is top notch.

mel said...

I think I have the same answer for #4. My next project will be to follow TT's instructions and make my nook more fun too!