Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Second Grade!

Somehow summer has come and went and LT is back to school! He is in 2nd grade this year. He is in a 2/3 combo class with lots of his friends, so it is very exciting. The first day was tough going in as he was the last kid to come in (3rd grade starts at 8:15 and 2nd starts at 8:25 and we didn't realize his class was starting at 8:15 because of the combo). The second day he didn't even look back or wave goodbye when the line went in! I think he enjoyed the first 2 days.

Here's the annual picture!

Years past:
First Grade


Chris said...

sounds like it will be an interesting year. have fun at school, lt!

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Enjoy grade 2 (or 2.5) this year!
love, gma/momsie

just jenn said...

I'm sensing a theme in the first day of school outfits ... or are you guys just partial to plaid shorts? :)
And, yes, have a good year at school, LT!

Anonymous said...

That is interesting to have a 2/3 class combo. Maybe next year Lt will be in 4th grade.
Love GmaH/Gtgma