Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kara OK

You know what they say, the family that karaokes together, stays together.

(Note to self: sit up straight for pictures!)

BLT added a new animal sound to his collection this weekend: Baa. One fun thing he likes to do is go and get something that goes with a picture in a book. If he see a picture of a giraffe (in Chinese-English dictionary), he runs over to his room and gets his stuffed giraffe (thank you Grandma A). If he sees a doggie, he goes and gets his stuffed dog (thank you Aunt M). If he sees a teddy bear... etc. I remembered he had a stuffed lamb/sheep during bed time stories (thank you again Grandma A), so I got it out and we had fun holding it up to the sheep picture and saying "baa."

We had a really nice weekend. BLT was very sweet and patient. Poor thing went to Parent's Night Out on Friday night. Usually, he is the first kid asleep and is still asleep when we pick him up. This time when we picked him up at 11, they said he slept only 30 minutes and then got up and played! He was running around the place when we got there. It was tough to leave him because he was crying a lot. We waited a bit outside and walked by the window to see if he was okay, and he had stopped crying already. It turned out nicely and he had a good time. (As did we - we saw Woody Allen's Match Point and had a nice dinner out. Duck for dad and venison for mom.) Yesterday, we went over to Peet's for coffee and pastries and then walked over to the mall so BLT could play in the play area since it was too wet for the playground. We then spent some quality time in the family restroom when BLT needed a diaper change because it turns out they have a very fun toy block in there. (I love going to the mall before the stores open!) We then came home for naps and lunch before going over to our friends' house. We had fun playing with their 3 month old and their phones & remotes (BLT), and then went out to dinner. This time BLT was well behaved and the other parents had to cut their dinner short. We told them we knew all about that! Today, we tried to get in our usual routine, but our run was cut short by rain. So we headed over to Rico's, a new Mexican place for breakfast, then our local coffee shop for coffee and Ms. Pac Man and then a tour of the farmer's market. BLT then had his nap before lunch and then a friend came down from Berkeley to visit. We went to a nice late lunch at Straight's (mostly Singaporean cuisine) and BLT was so well-behaved! I took playdough on a tip and he had a lot of fun with that. Once the food came, we put it away and he had several bites of Roti Prata (bread) and didn't complain while we ate up everything. We then had some nice visiting and even some karakoe before our friend had to leave and BLT had to get in his bath. This was a long recap! We did have a really nice weekend with everyone totally healthy and feeling good!


Chris said...

Wow! Sounds like a great weekend. We were all in a funk and nothing went right. (Except the cookies.) I bet BLT's language is going to take off before long - he obviously has a large passive vocabulary!

Steph said...

I'm looking forward to the "language explosion." I think it will be soon!
Too bad about your funk. It happens. I was so happy that we had a weekend when we all finally were well and then TT read the blog and said he didn't feel well Sunday afternoon. Oops.