Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I was so excited that BLT was finally old enough to enjoy Build-A-Bear. We were at the mall when they opened on Saturday so we went over to check it out. BLT picked out a cow. Well, he also picked out a dog, then the cow, then a dog... we already have a stuffed dog, so we went with the cow. Then we picked out a cow sound box to stuff in the foot. The next step in the Build-A-Bear process is the "stuff-me" station. They stick the floppy animal onto a nozzle and you step on a pedal and the stuffing is blasted in to the animal. Okay. This was a bad moment. Poor BLT. He was terrified for his cow. He cried and cried. As soon as he was stuffed, he gave the cow a big hug. He barely loosened his grip enough to get the cow stiched up (they just pull the laces tight and cut the end off). We then picked a name out for the cow - "Moo." Not so original, perhaps, but BLT doesn't mind! Moo even got a free guitar on our way out - just like Daddy!

Moo and BLT are already fast friends. Here is BLT and Moo reading with Daddy. He brought Moo in to our room this morning and I could hear him moo'ing all the way over from his room!

Oh, and something funny - BLT is really into beards right now. He has the Little Golden Book Bible from Great-Grandma and he loves to look at the beards in there! Then we stroke our chins and he says "beer."


Chris said...

He is bonding with a cow. Very cute. We tried to get JT interested in his "soft brown doggie" but he just likes it for a minute and then forgets. Maybe we need to wait 4 more months. :)
And the beard thing is interesting, too. Has he seen any "real" beards lately?
JT likes to "read" his bible, too. I usually modify the stories since they are a bit long. (Once Adam and Eve lived in a garden with a snake. Here is a baby in a basket - oh! a nice princess takes him home. etc.)

Steph said...

BLT also likes doggie. He likes the whole gang, really. He just started liking them a month or two ago, so perhaps JT will also grow fonder of his dog!
I don't think he's seen any real beards, maybe ever! They look really funny in the bible book, though, so I think that's what caught his attention. They are not quite the same color as the hair on most of the guys. Check it out!