Monday, March 20, 2006

Laundry Detail

BLT likes to make sure all his dirty clothes get into the basket, all the way. He's even started doing mid-undressing runs to the laundry basket. I missed the basket with his long sleeve shirt, but got the onesie going in! It's hard to keep up with him these days because he is in a perma-run.

BLT is moving up this week at daycare. It is tough. He spent 1 hour in the new room today and his teachers said he cried and didn't want to go. It was surprising because he is generally one of the happier kids. He is also getting more demanding. One teacher was doing flannel board stories today and after the 1st one, BLT needed a diaper change. He didn't want to go and miss the 2nd story, so they had to convince him that would wait until he got back for the 2nd one. "Mor, mor"

He also wants "mor, mor buhk" before bed. Finally, I had to cut him off tonight. He was already half asleep!


Chris said...

hey, i couldn't get your blog to load all day. wierd.
so, he is already moving up again? it seems like he just moved up. such an advanced little guy. next thing you know he will be going to college...
what is he doing in the second picture?
hugs and kisses from his cousin and auntie!

Steph said...

I couldn't get it to load, either. Weird.
The first picture he is opening the door from the bathroom. In the second, he is picking up his long sleeve shirt and his wash cloth from yesterday. I was going to get a picture of him putting them in the laundry basket, but I wasn't fast enough, so we skip ahead to him putting his onesie in the basket. :D
It does seem like he just moved up. He moved around 12-1/2 months and now he is 18 months. Time goes by too fast! He will be in this room until 24 months and then he will move up again.

Steph said...

Hugs & kisses to you all, too!