Thursday, March 09, 2006

Feeding Time at the Zoo

BLT would like to thank Aunt Chris for the chopsticks he got before he was even born. He has not quite got the hang of them yet! I was hoping they would spark interest in his food, but he still only had 1 or 2 pieces of green bean and maybe 4 or 5 pieces of tofu. He used to love this meal! (Around 11-12 months old...)

He did polish off most of a large banana, though, before wanted the "bubble." In this case, "bubble" was the can of playdough on the counter. "Bubble" refers to most things in a container, including soap and shampoo for the bath, lotion for post bath and more!

That reminds me of last night. I was holding BLT when I opened the fridge to get the green beans (tonight was left over of last night). "Cracker." ??? It turns out he wanted the yogurt. He eats plain whole milk yogurt with Kashi mighty bites every morning for breakfast. The Kashi are also called "cracker," so I guess it applies to yogurt as well! So last night he ended up having a good sized bowl of yogurt and Kashi (and then some blueberries) while I made the tofu & green bean and then he didn't want any.

He is definitely getting more verbal!

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Chris said...

I guess the chopsticks will have to wait some more, good thing that I got you, I mean BLT, a present that doesn't take up a lot of room.
We got some Kashi men for JT on BLT's glowing recommendation. (Cinnamon.) They are tasty. They made a pretty good crumb crust for an orange tart this week, too. :)
Good idea, BLT, those "crackers"!