Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stinky Feet

BLT just laughs and laughs if you say "Who has stinky feet?" and then give a sniff and pee-ywee face. I know, it's silly, but it's fun!


just jenn said...

so who HAS stinky feet? :) he has so many teeth - you could lose a finger in there.

Steph said...

Top tooth first! LT got the bottom teeth first. I had no idea they came in different orders.

Steph said...

Ignore that last comment! I used my auto-complete program to fill in my password and it submitted the very first comment I ever made in Chris's blog. It must have had it saved. My comment was going to be:

BLT has the stinky feet, of course! He even holds one up for you to sniff!