Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Baby Picasso

BLT was inspired by cousin JT.

Day Two of visiting the new class went much smoother. He only cried on the way over there and not at all while there. He was there for two hours today and will stay tomorrow for lunch.


Chris said...

What kind of crayons does BLT have? JT just has some from CPK. When he is a little bigger, we will have to get some more!
He is sick this morning - he has a temp of 103.8! We are waiting for the nurse to call back. :(
Luckily he just fell asleep.
Hope you guys are all healthy!

Steph said...

These crayons are really great! They are from China. T's dad's friend owns a crayon factory so they are from him. Maybe I can get a set for you next time someone goes to China...
Hope JT is feeling better soon! A temperature isn't necessary too bad, even though it seems scary. BLT's ped said we don't even need to medicate until 105! Woah!