Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bathing Beauty

BLT had his official weigh-in and measure today at the doctors. He clocked in at 26lbs and 33". The weight is questionable because they had him stand on the scale himself fully clothed. It read about 26.5 lbs, so I guess the nurse just subtracted 1/2 lb for the clothes. The height is also questionable, especially since they got him at 33-1/2" last time! This time they tried to make a mark where his foot was and one where his head was on the paper covering the table. There was no real effort to stretch him out, so it's probably a bit on the low side.

He's doing just fine and is very healthy. The only thing is he has eczema and some other bumpy bits on his skin. The ped said is all the same thing, basically really dry skin. We try very hard to keep him extra-moisturized and put a little hydrocortisone cream if he's itching a lot. It comes and goes, but sometimes he scratches a lot.

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Chris said...

Wow - he has a lot of hair now! Any haircuts in his future?
Watch out for the shrinking baby...
which reminds me, is there an appointment between 12 and 18 months?