Monday, March 06, 2006

Smiley Boy

He's happy and he has a lot of teeth! Those bottom two eye teeth are finally in. Yippee!

BLT with Mommy. Doesn't she look tired?


Chris said...

He can blend right in to a black and white forest scene in those fatigues! Such a great smile! Have you recovered from your trip yet? It sounded like you had lots of yummy food.
I just looked at some pictures of BLT as a baby - he looks so different now. Can you believe the boys are so old already? It seems like yesterday that I first held BLT on top of JT (in the belly). He was such a good baby during that visit. Come to think of it, he is almost always good when we see him. (Today at the playground someone said that I was lucky since JT was being sweet and sitting on my lap. She missed the part where he insisted that I hold his hands as he stepped into the bushed and out of the bushes for several minutes until I drug him away from there. I think that is how it always is for parents...)
Give him hugs from us!

Steph said...

He is so different. Sniff, sniff. You inspired me to do a retrospective.
I will give him hugs. Give JT hugs from us. BLT just started giving hugs on cue. We've been reading this book that has the line "A-hugging we will go" in it, and then he gives me a hug when we get to that part.

just jenn said...

clearly great minds think alike, because i looked at this series of photos and thought to myself "good thing his smile is so big, i can hardly see him in the urban camo!"

Steph said...

He got the urban camo at the outlet mall by your house, Jenn, when we were there for your wedding! So every time he wears it, I have good memories.