Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Baby Beckham

Watch out hat hair!

BLT is really getting the hang of kicking the ball now.

Sunday we were out at the local coffee shop and BLT had to get down and run across to the (rather sad) kids area. This gentleman at the next table said to me that he sure was an active one. I thought his next comment would be something about how BLT reminded him of his kids when they were little. No, it turns out he runs a soccer school with classes starting at 18 months and wanted to give me a flyer. He didn't know he was dealing with a child soccer prodigy. Hahaha. It did sound interesting. I might check out the website.

We are recovering from our first stomach virus incident. Poor BLT. Somehow he made it to 17 months without really throwing up. Sure, he spit up every single feeding for the first 4-5 months or so, but he never really, you know, threw up. Well, he made up for it Sunday overnight. Poor kid must have thrown up and just fallen asleep in it because when he woke up he was covered - hair, body, pillow, bed. Fortunately it wasn't too gross because all he had really eaten was kiwi and satsuma. Whoops, getting a little graphic there. Luckily, he's mostly recovered, although he hasn't eaten much yesterday and today.


OuHuibo said...

Yay!! A new blog to read everyday, I'm so excited. T requested I leave comments so here it goes...Soccer coaching at 18 months? How big is this program? I would love to watch one of those games. Just in case you stop by my blog, I have a short explanation... My blog has gone through several evolutions, but at the moment it is a "complain about work" blog written pretty much entirely for one person who recently left the lab to stay up-to-date. WARNING: I use lot of bad language.

Chris said...

Wow! A soccer prodigy - who knew that you can start playing at 18 months? Are you ready to be a soccer mom? And kiwi? JT won't touch those. (Of course, I don't like them either...)
The kids should get together sometime soon. Us adults, too.