Saturday, February 25, 2006

I don't know

BLT, Where's the ball?
I don't know.

That's right, he talks in complete sentences and even has accompanying hand motions! Okay, sentences is a stretch because this is his only one. To the untrained ear, it may be hard to understand, but it sounds pretty good to us!

I'm also convinced he said "thank you" today. We went to Ikea to check out possible bigger boy bed options (twin beds) and picked up some Swedish ginger cookies on the way out. I thought BLT would be happy with 1 for each hand. "Muh, muh" (more). When I relented and gave him cookie #4, I'm sure he said "thank you." Of course, it sounded more like "Thunk."

We also made a trip this morning to a brand new library branch nearby. We checked out 6 picture books and have already read each one at least 3 times. My favorite was not BLT's favorite. I picked out Old Hat, New Hat, which I remembered from childhood. I think he preferred either The Very Busy Spider or The House the Jack Built.


Chris said...

Twin bed already? Does that mean you think we should skip the toddler bed and go directly to the twin? We were thinking of getting rid of the crib before too long. Or do you think twin bed so that it is easier for you to lie down next to him for reading, etc.?

Steph said...

The twin bed definitely because it will be easier to lie down next to him! If your crib doesn't convert or you don't need the space, I would probably just skip the toddler bed. They just hold the crib mattress, which is not that comfortable for baby or mom as far as I can tell. I want to get the twin ASAP because BLT is being very difficult going to sleep and I can get him to go to sleep if I lie next to him, but the toddler bed creaks so much when I try to get up!