Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mmmm, mmmm good

BLT will eat more if I give him a fork. Sometimes is backfires as evidenced by the saucy nose. That would be 1/2 a pesto gnocchi and a green bean on the fork.

Yesterday was a tough day. He was so sad. I'm almost positive I see a new tooth even though the Dr. couldn't see any on Friday when we were there. I hope that is it and he's back to his usually cheery self.

Today we stopped by Toys R Us after work. BLT is such a serious little guy. He pushed the trains back and forth through the tunnel on the train table, completely ignoring the other two kids that were there.

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Chris said...

Thanks BLT for the present! JT already carried the moose around and put the dolls to bed in the tent. Do you think BLT was sad because his tooth was hurting? JT went to the doctor today and got an inhaler, just like BLT. Are you sure (human) viruses aren't transmitted through the computer? :)
Does BLT like gnocci? Any other foods he really likes that I can try out? Of course, JT only has 4 teeth, so he isn't that good at chewing yet...