Thursday, February 09, 2006

Adventures in Self-Feeding

Left hand, big spoon

Right hand, small spoon

"This cracker is bigger than my head"

"I look good in applesauce"

BLT tried applesauce for the first time yesterday and it was a HUGE hit. He loved it. Today we actually went out for dinner and he ate at least 3/4 of a carnitas enchilada from Wahoo's, but when we came home, he saw the applesauce and had to have some. (Note to self: put applesauce and graham crackers in the pantry, out of site!)

It's strange because he hasn't been eating much at school, but he sure has been putting it down afterwards! Those pesky two canines are STILL working their way in.

One neat thing I've been noticed is that BLT is really getting better at putting himself back to sleep! He woke up a couple of times between 5AM & 6AM this morning and each time he went back to sleep all by himself! Of course, I know this because he sleeps between us. He's so cute.


Chris said...

He ate applesauce by himself for the first time or applesauce period? JT loves applesauce and also insists on feeding himself. If we let go of the cup then it often ends up upside down on the floor.
I bet BLT gets more in his mouth. Which reminds me, his hair looks like it is almost reddish? Or is it light brown? (Now that he has lots of it, we can debate the actual color!)

Chris said...

Mom reminded me of BLT's dad's allergy. I forgot. :) If you could get BLT to eat oatmeal like he does applesauce, it might be less messy. (Sticks to the spoon better.) JT likes it but it doesn't hold a candle to applesauce!