Thursday, February 23, 2006

Big Boy

BLT likes to walk in and out of daycare by himself. Now when I pick him up, he barely even says hi to me or bye to the other kids - just goes in to get his lunch bag and then starts walking to the gate.

I can't believe how old he seems now. How can it be? Wasn't he just a wee baby? We watched his 0-6 month video collection this weekend. I don't remember him crying that much, but apparently he cried a lot. Selective memory. He seems so different now!

BLT's Daddy is gone right now (just 'til tomorrow!). Single parenthood is tough! BLT misses Daddy and did not go to sleep until 9:30 tonight. He also woke up at 5am this morning. Daddy hurry back! Once he finally went to sleep, I still had to fix myself dinner, make his lunch for tomorrow, clean up, etc. Exhausting!

In food news, lunch today was a big hit. All his containers were cleaned out. For today, I sauteed some fresh mushrooms and folded them with some frozen chopped spinach and mozarella in a whole wheat tortilla to make a tasty quesadilla. I thought it might be too bland, but he ate it all! And his applesauce and satsumas. Dinner was pretty good - 2 eggplant cutlets from TJs dipped in pizza sauce. Later on he had some of my dinner (PBnJ) since he still wasn't asleep.


Chris said...

Wow. He does seem like a very independent little guy. I still can't believe he eats mushrooms. And spinach. JT is much too picky, but maybe in a few months.
The mom who also writes about cooking for a toddler is at:

You have BLT crying on video? I haven't looked at ours lately, but I think we mostly taped the non-crying parts. It helps the selective memory. :)

Steph said...

We have BLT crying on video because he was always crying at the video moments. Christmas present opening. 6 month birthday. 1st time in the gymini. Being born. Etc. We didn't really take that many clips when he was little, but when did get at least some happy times! My favorite is one of his first roll overs.