Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lil Bro

Good thing we tied up those loose ends! BDT ("baby" D.T.) decided to surprise us and make his appearance on his actual due date! Wow! The delivery was not as fast as the nurses predicted as BDT was face up and that stalled the labor. Once he flipped around with some positioning help, he was out in less than 5 minutes of pushing.

He was born on April 28 at 4:07pm.
8lbs 6oz and 20-1/4" long, not to mention cute!

Big brother is very excited to have little brother finally come out and join him! We're all home now and doing well.

Just born.

The Big Bro:


Anonymous said...

BDT sure is a handsome little one and looks like he is off to a good start. I just wish I could slip over and hold him for a while.
Gt Gma

kim said...

congrats!! can't wait to meet him :)
-derek & kim

Chris said...

i can't believe they got him to flip around! i thought he just came out sunny-side up. love the tongue shots! i guess he needs to get used to that feeling of air on his face and wow - air on the tongue!