Monday, April 21, 2008

Our turn for Grandma Fun!

Grandma arrived just in time! LT was sick last week and now I'm sick and TT, too. Not to mention, I'm exhausted... LT was able to go back to daycare today so we can get some of our "projects" done before the big arrival.

Here's some pictures from last week.

Is that a big baby?

LT and Gma play "dino stories" using the dart board in a very creative manner.

Then we set up one of the best train tracks ever (in my opinion!) in the back.

And there was even a "bubbletown" bath!

Baby bro should arrive in the next two weeks. Hopefully not for a few days as we're still sick. Bleh.

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just jenn said...

oh i hope you guys (especially you) are feeling better. please tell LT that is a nice train track and i hope he's having a good time with grandma.