Thursday, April 24, 2008

Air Guitar

** Note: This is my first attempt with the google video uploader... please excuse any mishap.

Our little Air Guitar master:

Of course, the best one was before I ran in to get the camera! That was complete with going down to the knees on the grass.

Update on #2. Will be here on May 8th at the latest. Yes, that is still 2 weeks from now. :D


just jenn said...

what song is he playing? at first i thought i recognized it, but then i realized that i did not even know the name of the song i was thinking of and there's no way i could describe it in a blog comment ... something about power chords and ... oh well. two weeks, eh - we're thinking good thoughts for you all.

Chris said...

takes after his dad? :)
glad to hear you are having a nice time with grandma and #2 is taking his time!