Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Moon Sand!

LT got this moon sand playset for his birthday last year and then he got a very nice and unexpected "big brother" gift from my friends P & M with different colors of moon sand and stamps last week. (BTW, loyal readers P & M, LT is going around saying how nice P & M are and how he really likes you guys. :D Thank you!)

I must admit when we first got the playset, I was skeptical. Probably because we were trying to play inside and blue sand went everywhere, so it was designated an "outdoor toy" and set in the garage all winter. Now that it is nice out, we took it all outside and I have to say ... it is really fun! I think it will get a lot of playtime this summer. It's not exactly like playdough where you form a shape, it works better with molds. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the 3 year old or the 30 year old.

Showing off a molded alligator.

And this one I just think is funny!

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just jenn said...

i think he's making an alligator face? or keeping an eye out for the teeth. looks like a fun time. sounds like P&M are just the right kind of friends!