Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy Weekend

Finally we had some warm weather (it seems like winter's been going on forever, but it's probably normal) and it got in the 80's over the weekend! We had the brilliant idea to go to the beach along with a lof of other people.

Waiting to ride!




Even a rollercoaster!

Then we were off to the beach. We didn't bring our swimsuits thinking that it would be colder at the shore, but it wasn't! I had to buy a bathing suit bottom out of the sale box, TT found some shorts in the back of his car and LT had to make do in his Handy Manny undies. It was so fun!

Sunday we hit up the Home & Garden show and LT even made a fire truck!


Chris said...

okay, so if you only bought the bottoms, did you go topless? :)
LT is so grown up. I can't believe he went on so many rides all by himself!
ps thank-you for the present - we already used the lanterns twice!

just jenn said...

except for the fact that it appears to have been a p*psi truck, that looks like quite the driving adventure! i'm impressed by the fire truck too.... hmmm... home and garden show. that sounds fun.