Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yard Work!

It's never to early to start mowing! Or is it? Well, he only "helped" for about 2 rows.

This vine had been bothering me for a while, just so overgrown and taking over the fence. I started trying to cut it back and then it started to fall, so we decided to pull it all down...

LT gets in the spirit of things!

TT singlehandedly drags the entire vine out to the front!

LT poses with the vine to give you an idea of how big it really was!

TT had to spend the next couple hours fnishing off the vine and digging up the three enormous roots. I'll see if I can get a picture of the biggest one tomorrow. That was one amazing thing. It looks like it was originally on a trellis and then was just left to grow.


Chris said...

okay, he can singlehandedly drag the vine away - next blog i expect to read "he singlehandedly helped birth the baby" - we are excitied that it is almost time for another little t. and the big lt is such a helper!
do you think you will plant somthing in the area to go up the fence again?

Anonymous said...

Huuuuumongous vine! Will you miss the blossoms? Does the fence miss the support or is it standing taller without the drag?
Has this inspired you to go after more fence-climbing vines next weekend?
I found a sticker vine growing today, but most of them, and the honeysuckle, too, were cut down and are under control. With the rain and warm weather, they may return! do doo do doo do doo.....
See you soon!
love, mom/gma

Steph said...

We plan to plant more climbing vines, actually. I know, it sounds funny. I think we'll do a trellis and try to keep them in check. It's in limbo right now as we're talking with the neighbors to see about extending the fence. It turns out they're getting a large-ish dog and we may need to strengthen or replace this section anyways, so then we'd want to do it all at once first before planting. We'll see!