Friday, May 02, 2008

First Ped Visit

Mr. BDT had his first visit to the peditrician today, at not quite 4 days old.

He was born at 8lb6oz and was 7lb14oz Wednesday morning when we were at the hospital. At the ped's, they had us undress him and the nurse weighed him. It said 8lb10oz. When the Dr. came in, he said... "I don't believe that. Let me get a new scale." It was so funny. The new scale said 8lb6oz, so not as much, but the Dr still thought it was pretty amazing since they don't even look for infants to gain their weight back until 2 weeks and he was just 4 days old. I was pretty floored myself. That's 1/2lb in less than 2 days! He's going to be out of his 0-3 month clothes and little diapers FAST. Crazy! Guess my milk is working!

At the peds:

The impressive scale measurement:

Showing off his amazing thumb sucking ability...

BLT is being a great big brother! He such a sweetheart.


Chris said...

he's going to be a big little guy! and pretty cute, too. how is lt taking the sleeping situation - do you just all end up in the bed at some point?

James said...

I guess I need to check the blogs more often as I am completely out of the loop! Congratulations on the little guy. He is certainly adorable. And I loved the last minute pictures!

James said...

Oh, sorry that was Trina ; ) But James agrees!