Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Month Old

DT is one month old today. I just weighed him in at 11 lbs even.
He's growing up so fast!

A smile! In his favorite spot - the changing table. Also a favorite of BLT's back in the day.


Chris said...

11 pounds! wow, he is growing right up. we will have to come see you guys soon. are you around for the 4th of july?

Steph said...

4th of July weekend we have some friends visiting and then DT & I are going to a wedding on that Monday in Colorado.

LT cannot wait to see JT again. He said he needs to introduce Brother to his Cousin. And his best friend is JT! :D

2nd Cousin Keren said...

Congratulations! Your new little guy is so cute. You're a beautiful family.