Monday, May 01, 2006

Whale Watching

We had a fun weekend in Santa Barbara! We went down to visit some friends. Saturday morning we ran a 5k. BLT did not run in the stroller but hung out with "Uncle V" while BLT Sr, "Auntie B," and I ran the race. I did not do a best time, but still ran the whole way, which is good enough for me! We also had fun at the beach making & smashing (BLT) sand castles, eating out, and... whale watching!

These pictures our from our whale watching trip. It wasn't looking promising for whales and then the captain got a tip so off we sped in the other direction and found 2 humpback whales! It was so neat.

The secret to feeding BLT veggies: deep fry them. He loves veggie tempura. I cut it up for him and spear it and then he dips it into the sauce. He ate 1 piece of zucchini and almost 2 pieces of carrot at the Sushi restaurant on Saturday. These were not small pieces, either! Now how to do this at home...

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just jenn said...

that is one big smile! and all those teeth, too. whew - glad you got a post up, i was starting to worry that all the blogging sisters had fallen by the wayside (i have no excuse though - i'll have to see if anyone does anything picture-worthy here soon).