Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Little Shopper

BLT was a little helper at the store. He put our purchases up on the counter and then thanked the clerk and said goodbye. He then carried the bag all the way back to the car. This was after some drama though...

First, he had a tantrum on the stairs in the parking deck when I picked him up with 3 steps left. People were backing up from both directions, so I made a move. He was not happy and wouldn't go on the slide after that. At the Container Store, he was really interested in the glass elevator, so I took him in there. When it started to go, he was really scared, poor guy. I almost couldn't get him back down to the ground floor because he didn't even want to take the stairs around the elevator! Then we went back over to the slide and there was a jazz concert giong on the same time. He started crying again! I can't figure out why he seems so scared of everything all of a sudden. Poor thing. I don't know what's going on.

He also had a rough day at school. When I was coming in to pick him up, he was getting in trouble. The teacher was saying something like, "BLT, that is not okay." Apparently he was rather rambunctious all day, climbing on the backs of chairs, throwing toys, etc and I had shown up right after a toy throwing episode. So unlike him to be causing trouble! The teacher did tell me that he did have a sweet moment on the playground when a new kid was crying. He went over and took his hand and patted him. Aww!

Hopefully, BLT will get back into his groove soon and we won't have so many emotional moments!


Chris said...

A-hem, Is he wearing white socks with sandals? Isn't that a funny German tourist look ... :)
Must have been a rough day. JT had one, too, on and off.
That was sweet of him to comfort the other kid and to carry the bag!

just jenn said...

how's the tantruminator doing these days? better, we hope. although i can almost see him managing to twist himself in an entire circle on the floor. does that count as cardio?

Chris said...

hey steph,
please disregard funny phone msg. seppi will be in sj on thursday, but we won't be able to make it for the weekend. plus, you will probably want to recover from your trip!

Steph said...

I thought the German tourist look was black socks with sandals. Although, BLT has sported that look, too, when he insisted on wearing his reindeer socks with the sandals.

Tantruminator is doing better! No tantrums at all during our trip!