Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Toddler Style

BLT has started to express his preferences in clothes. It's so funny. What I pick out for him and what he picks out for himself are not the same!

This morning I was putting him in a very nice Hawaiian style shirt from Aunties J & J. There was a hitch, though. I was putting away his laundry at the same time as I was getting him dressed and he saw "bugs." He had to wear his bug onesie (from Auntie C).

He picks shirts with animals on some other screen print. I pick stripes or solids.
He picks socks with a design. I pick solid color socks.

He's the boss when it comes to his clothes, though, so he gets the final word!

I did coerce him into changing from the patterned turquoise/blue socks that matched the first shirt (he picked the socks, I picked the shirt to match) to a pair of red ones that matching the bug shirt.

Other funny happenings...

We walked over to the Rite Aid to pick up a few things this afternoon. One thing we got was a new tube of Butt Paste (a diaper changing ointment). While I was running his bath, he opened the box, put the paste away (in his top drawer in a basket) and then threw the box away in the trash can. I was very impressed!

He has just started to be able to get into the top drawer. This morning I went in to find him taking wipes (one at a time) out of the top drawer, wiping his diaper area (over his clothes) and then running them into the bathroom to toss them into the trash.

When I folded up his laundry yesterday, I found one of BLT Sr's shirts in there. He must have found it on the floor as we were unpacking and put it into his basket. I'll have to keep an eye out when I put the clothes into the washer next time in case something sneaks in that doesn't belong!

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