Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Random Food Stuff

I've been having a shortage of pictures this week because I can't figure out the new camera. This is one from last weekend.

Toddler eating is so complicated. Every night we must figure out lunch for the next day. Right now, his lunch entrees are PB&J, PB&B (banana), whole-wheat english muffin pizza with peppers, mushrooms or spinach and quesadillas with some veggie. Unfortunately, quesadilla has fallen out of favor and today's came back completely untouched. He also gets a container of fresh fruit to split between lunch and afternoon snack, some applesauce or cheese for morning snack and some crackers, pretzels or freeze-dried fruit to split between snacks.

For dinner, I try and get a veggie in. Monday, I had a dinner that was a huge hit! BLT had polenta triangles with sauteed mushrooms, all dipped in pizza sauce, of course. He loved it and ate it all himself with his fork. Tonight, I made him some zuchinni pancakes (shredded zuchinni, egg, flour, bread crumbs). He liked them, but not as much, so I had to feed it to him. He fed himself a bowl of yogurt at the same time. This was followed by almost an entire pear (known as "apple").

Really, the whole point of this food-devoted post was to mention those two dinners because I was very proud of myself. I'm trying to break the reliance on convienence foods for his dinner. We stick to mainly healthy food (veggie burgers, eggplant cutlets from TJs), but it's still not as good as a homemade meal. I don't like to spend too much time on his meal since I prefer to spend time playing. :D

BLT Sr has been making veggie muffins (carrot or zuchinni) that BLT just loves for breakfast. He calls them "Ah-may." No one knows why. BLT Sr was getting burnt out on the muffin making, so I took my turn this weekend. BLT has reject my zuchinni lemon mini-muffins. They are a little off - I think the recipe was too fluffy. Plus, I didn't measure anything, which may having thrown it off. Oops. BLT Sr is back on tap for next week's muffins. He's the best!

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