Monday, May 22, 2006

3-Day Weekend

We had a very busy weekend visiting with Grandma & Grandpa. The first pictures are from Saturday at the Bay Trail near Sunnyvale Baylands park. Then there's a picture of BLT and I looking quite similar on the ferry to Alcatraz Sunday. Before that, we went up to Muir Woods. BLT remembered his squat posing of a few weeks ago. Very cute!

We had a really nice time. BLT learned a lot of new words from Grandma & Grandpa - watch, two, cheese & smile (for picture taking) and more. THe also got to see his current favorite animal - Sea Lions! Arr, arr, arr.

The only downside was the rain on Sunday. It's not supposed to rain in May in the Bay Area! We had more rain just on Sunday than we usually average for the entire month of May. Good thing we brought our umbrellas!

BLT was on the cranky side, too, because his nap kept getting messed up. He gets tired right around lunch time which really makes it hard when you're going out to lunch. He went right back to napping fine at school today - napped a whole 2-1/2 hours almost! Whoa!


Chris said...

what great pictures! where did you guys go?

Steph said...

I update the post now. I was too tired to do it last night! We went on a hike Saturday out in the Baylands. Sunday we went up to Muir Woods and then went on the ferry to Alcatraz.

just jenn said...

looks like a good time with the grandparents. i see he picked the bug shirt again?! :)

Steph said...

He does love that bug shirt! Yesterday he had to get it out of the laundry basket becuase he had a flash card with bugs on it.