Friday, March 06, 2009


Last weekend we went to the SF Zoo. It was raining/pouring, so we were skeptical. It turns out that going to the zoo on a rainy day is great! There was no one there. We've never seen the grizzlies so close. It turns out they really like kids. When DT came up to the glass, they came and sat right next to him. We didn't even bring a camera, so we had to resort to camera phone. Not too bad.


They also had this ball that they could shake to get treats out of. They sure liked it!


mel said...

Moxie has a ball like that too. But not quite that big!-

Anonymous said...

Lots of family fun times and memory makers!
The boy is so small and the bear is so big...The wave over looked like fun--anyone get wet?
love, gma

Chris said...

wow, those are some bears! and not even a crowd. good choice!

just jenn said...

you guys have been doing some fun things on the weekends for sure. hope the rest of your week is good too.