Sunday, March 15, 2009

Front Yard, Day 4

You thought you were getting a break from yard pictures? Oh no. Yesterday we got a new patch of sidewalk. It had been shifted and broken from the tree root, so we replaced it. Otherwise, our new path would have had to have an uneven edge. We also got a step framed out to the porch. Of course, we later realized that this needs to be modified, so we'll have to change it tomorrow. Phase II of front yard makeover includes bricking the porch. We decided this should include the step, so it needs to be a little shorter to allow for the height of the bricks and also not so deep (just for aesthetics).


Anonymous said...

It is fun to see the project steps and note the change orders! Good ideas.
The Lego boy is so big already! And the background boy is so fast--faster than an ostrich! Grandma is not even as fast as her cats.
Maybe LT will practice on a Big Wheel and then see if he can pedal faster than the Indiana boys?
love, gma

Chris said...

is that tt out there working? send him down here to do some work when he is done!

Steph said...

Oh, it's not TT working! It's one of the contractors. :)

I went back and looked at the picture and it does look like him from the picture... but it's not.

TT is manning the camera.

Anonymous said...

that looks like some backbreaking work. glad it wasn't tt.

how exciting though to make changes on your own house.