Tuesday, March 31, 2009


DT's first hike! I think... I can't remember for sure. LT was a great hiker. It was 2.5 miles and he didn't really complain at all. We didn't go all the way to the top - that would have been another mile about and I think 2.5 was just about right.

Hmmm... is that a cell phone? Is that even allowed on a hike?

Earth Hour Bath

LT wants an earth hour every Friday. The candles were a little too exciting, in some ways.


Chris said...

LT really looks like a 'big boy' in that first picture! and no complaining for 2.5 miles - that is great. even dt looks like a good hiker.
looking forward to seeing you next week!

Anonymous said...

i like that little backpack with the roof for the baby! such fun things they have these days.


just jenn said...

i knew it - LT is going to beat me at the Swiss Days race for sure! and what a well prepared group - hats, sunglasses, camelback, cell ...