Monday, March 23, 2009

Santa Cruz

We're working on a project for DT's birthday. This put me on a search for recycled post-consumer plastic bottle felt, which it turns out is sold right down in Santa Cruz at this great store! We went down Saturday to stock up. LT and I made the rounds using "teamwork" to carry the 8-gazillion bolts up to the cutting table and back. Naturally, being a fabric store, we were unable to leave without spending more money than we would have just buying from Etsy. :D

And it was a good excuse to go to the Boardwalk!

Speedboat ride...

The 3 boy stroller. The step on the back has worked out GREAT!

Bulgy. Hmmm, starting to rain. Yes, the forecast said storms, but it was so nice out, I didn't believe it!

Oh, it was right! We just got on Bulgy in time. It closed while LT was on it.

And then we had to make a mad dash to the car and it poured the rest of the day. It was fun getting caught out in the rain like that!


Anonymous said...

What a fun outing! I got shivers from the raindrops--was it warm? The guys are looking good, wet or dry.
And the brick really adds an edge! Nice.
love, momsie

Chris said...

jt really likes the felt house and now he wants one, too. we have the pop-bottle felt at our jo-anns (but maybe yours has a larger percentage?), it is much cheaper than wool felt, which i wanted to buy for making his birthday crown.
looks like fun riding the bulgy! jt claims he wants to try a roller coaster or a train next time. hmmm, we'll see. :)