Thursday, March 12, 2009

Front Yard (Day Two)

Can you see the vision?


Chris said...

good idea to widen the driveway and put in a path! the rest is a mystery... are you doing some water-wise plantings or is there no dought up there? supposedly we have to reduce usage by 20%, which is bad for us since we already did that - now we will have to collect the shower water to flush the toilet...
anyways, it looks like it is coming along nicely!

Steph said...

We are keeping some lawn, so that is not that water wise. We are trying to keep the old lawn so we won't need as much water since it's already established.

For plants ... we haven't really picked yet. :o But probably mostly the kinds that grow well here which I think are mostly drought resistent. Not sure.

Rainfall has been pretty good this year, but we are still facing restrictions this summer.