Monday, March 02, 2009

Monterey, day 2

Everytime I mention to someone we were going to Monterey, they would ask if we were going to the aquarium. We maintained that we would not be going because it's on the expensive side, etc... Well, what happens? Sunday we planned to rent a Surrey bike and all ride, but it was raining. Next thing you know, we are members of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's the same price as going 1-1/2 times, so might as well be! If you're keeping track, we are now members of the kids musuem, the aquarium and Happy Hollow (park & zoo, closed for renovation). Anyways, it was worth it. LT could have stayed in the kids area all day. Members also get in an hour early on certain days, so I'm sure we'll be back for some of those. Worth it to beat the crowd!

Enjoying a crashing "wave"

Obligatory jelly shot

Can you spot DT up against the glass? LT is next to him

Everybody loves a Sunfish!

And after the aquarium...

Sea Kelp Round Up (LT invented a whole show on this)

Two otters playing

We even went on the 17-mile drive then, which we'd never done before. (Well, I went on the big family vacation of 1989!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph! I absolutely love the aquarium! Great pics! the boys are getting so big!

Jen (Goldengbridge)

Anonymous said...

all the amazing animal/fish pictures aren't even half as cute and amazing as the pictures of the boys! they are really darling.