Sunday, June 08, 2008


Poor DT had a poospolsion at Cost Plus and Mommy forgot to bring an extra outfit ...
He had to suffer through the indignity of riding home in his skivies and his shoe socks.

One he got out of that carseat and on to the changing table, he felt much better!

He just loves that changing table!

As did LT ... here he is at almost exactly the same age (one day younger).

Do they look the same? Different? What do you think?


Chris said...

same hairdo! noses similar, but they do look quite different in these pictures!
no extra outfit? oops. where was your big diaper bag? he looks so tiny in the carseat!

just jenn said...

don't tell him i said this, but that first one just might be the perfect picture for scaring away any unwanted dates during his teenage years?
i was looking back at the first bottle feeding photos as well - definitely brothers, but not exactly the same. that's pretty neat to look at them both at the same age.

mel said...

I think I can see more differences now that DT is getting older, but they are both awfully cute!