Saturday, June 14, 2008

3 Boys

I just love matching outfits!


Anonymous said...

They all look good for Father's Day, and more!

mel said...

Did you like the matching outfits we always had to wear? Or did that start later in life?

Chris said...

Those came out so nice! You must be an expert at buttonholes now. Did you make yourself something to match? Like a skirt?

Steph said...

Oh, these are not the special Grandma made outfits! Those were worn this weekend. I missed getting a picture of the train ones, but I did get one of the monkeys. I will have to post it.

These outfits are actually from Father's Day 2004, ordered from Hawaii. I gave them to Tim as a present before LT was born. It just worked out that DT & LT are the right age apart to fit in the two kids shirts at the same time! I had gotten two different sizes so Tim & LT could match longer. :D